[horde] Horde Passwd module is not properly configured

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Nov 30 15:44:12 UTC 2016

Quoting Ralf Lang <lang at b1-systems.de>:

> Am 30.11.2016 um 10:10 schrieb Admin Beckspaced:
>> On 29.11.2016 16:04, Admin Beckspaced wrote:
>>> On 29.11.2016 13:50, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> got a bit of more information about the passwd issue. got send this
>> bit of error log via logdigest today:
>> Nov 30 09:45:04 cx20 HORDE[28207]: [passwd] Could not instantiate PDO.
>> PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user
>> 'dbuser'@'' (using password: YES) [pid 28207 on line 129 of
>> "/srv/ssl/webmail/httpdocs/passwd/lib/Factory/Driver.php"]
>> then double checked the username & password and it was perfectly ok.
>> so just for testing I filled in the root password of the mysql server
>> and all went fine. password successfully changed ;)
>> switching back to the other user / pass the problem came back.
>> the user causing the access denied was created with phpmyadmin and
>> setup to grant all rights on this database only!
>> I know that this is working fine as I'm using this user with dbmail
>> and it can create users, change passwords, etc, etc ...
>> But it's just not working with passwd.
>> I would really like NOT to have the root user in the backends.local.php
>> Any more suggestions on how to proceed would be great ;)

Some ideas: Make sure that the hostspec you are using if you are  
explicitly specifying it in passwd's backends.local.php file matches  
the host that the dbuser was granted access to. I.e., 'localhost',  
'' may not be viewed as the same host from the rdms' point of  

Also, if you are using a SQL based auth, you might try using the  
hordeauth backend in passwd.

>> Thanks & greetings
>> becki
> Hi Becki, I cannot help here other than saying that it works for me
> without any root or root-equivalent mysql user.
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