[horde] The past of a calender

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue Jan 3 20:32:15 UTC 2017

Setting it to "all" should have told the server to send the full  
calendar. So,  it's either the client not telling the server,  or our  
server code not honoring it.  If you provide a sync log of this  
interaction I can take a look.

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> Hi Mike,
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>> If you are talking about an ActiveSync or Exchange account on the
> Yes
>> device, there is a client setting to determine how many  
>> weeks/months in the past to keep on the device. Check the client's  
>> preferences.
> I did right now, no success.
> I deleted the account on the phone, deleted from activesync devices,  
> cleared horde cache and restarted httpd.
> Then I recreated the account on the phone and set the calender to  
> ALL in the exchange-account-settings.
> After full sync only the new data was there.
> I then imported the already exported ics file through Calengoo and I  
> believe all the data is there again (and a flipping lot of doubles).
> How does it work? Does the client always believe that older data is  
> irrelevant for the user? How can we prevent from such issue?
> Many thanks and a happy new year!
> Andreas
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