[horde] The past of a calender

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>> Setting it to "all" should have told the server to send the full  
>> calendar. So,  it's either the client not telling the server,  or  
>> our server code not honoring it.  If you provide a sync log of this  
>> interaction I can take a look.
> I can't right now because I didnt have the debug option on.
> But next time I experience that I will provide you with a full sync log.
> If anyone else had such problem maybe he can provide a sync log meanwhile.
> This time it was an unmodified HTC A9 with Android 601 running. No  
> root, no mod.

FWIW, I just tested locally without issues. Created a bunch of events  
in 2010 and they were all synchronized when "All" events are selected  
to by synchronized.

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