[horde] Configure Horde for Imap In and Sendmail Out

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Tue Jan 24 21:02:59 UTC 2017

  Citat af Juan Bernhard <juan at inti.gob.ar>:

> El 24/01/2017 a las 12:56 p.m., Mike Poznecki escribió:
>> Hello, Does anyone know how to set up Horde to receive email via  
>> IMAP and send email via Sendmail?
>> Thanks.
> Incoming and outgoing mails goes vi smtp. Imap is only for clients,  
> servers use smtp for mail transfer
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Horde is a web-server based mail client and many other things too.

It reads mail from the imap server and sends mail via smtp server.
During the install did you run "webmail-install" script?

If you didn't do this you can configure it via horde configuration.
Login to horde as your defined admin.
If you didn't define an admin look at /the/path to/your-horde/config/conf.php
The key "$conf['auth']['admins'] = array" defines your admin.
There are many settings in that file and it is easy to make mistakes  
so i wil recommend using the configuration via the web interface.
But the web server needs write permission to the conf files. for this to work.

Look at this page


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