[horde] How to follow code execution when sending email

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Jan 25 20:51:08 UTC 2017

Quoting Mike Poznecki <poz_sa at yahoo.com>:

> Hi, how in the world can I follow the execution path when sending an  
> email?  I see code in compose-dimp.js, dimpcore.js, Compose.php and  
> in Part.php.  I cannot understand why there are so many files  
> involved.

Without giving a lecture on Object Oriented Programming or MVC suffice  
to say that it's the result of following standard development  
practices. Not to mention some of the files you mention are client  
side javascript files, some are server side php.

> And I'm not sure if this is all the files that actually get  
> executed.  Is there any type of map I can take a look at?

For the dynamic view, the data gets sent to lib/Dynamic/Compose.php  
from the compose page. You can start there.

> Thanks...Mike
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