[horde] PEAR base horde directory change?

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Thu Jan 26 18:56:18 UTC 2017

On 2017/01/26 10:27 AM, Vilius Sumskas/LNK wrote:

>>> "pear -c horde upgrade" as the root user, so why would the configured
>>> horde_dir not be used?
>> The correct order of parameters should be "pear upgrade -c horde".
> Though
>> I'm not sure if this could be a problem. Maybe. Try testing.
>> Other than what I've already mentioned, maybe you've managed to get
> Horde
>> packages installed into main PEAR channel somehow?
>> That is hard to tell really. All I can say is that nothing in Horde
>> touches configured path automatically. It's the mechanics of PEAR/OS at
>> fault.
> Yeah, could be it.
> [root at post ~]# pear -c horde config-show
> ERROR: horde/ is not a valid config file or is corrupted.
> [root at post ~]# pear config-show -c horde
> Configuration (channel pear.horde.org):
> =======================================
> ....................
> .........
> -c actually means configuration file when it is just right after "pear".
> Probably worth mentioning in the INSTALL docs.
> I don't have a test machine to test this with "upgrade" option.

Okay, I think parameter order was indeed the problem.  There were a 
couple of other updates available in the few days since I did this, and 
changing the parameter order to "pear upgrade -c horde" installed them 
in the proper horde_dir.

To fix the mess I made, I did a complete reinstall of Horde Webmail; 
since my local config files were all retained everything worked as 
expected afterwards with no additional configuration (the usual 
horde-db-migrate for each virtualhost was required, of course).

I'd agree that the importance of parameter order should be mentioned in 
the docs, and that configuring a system-wide horde_dir setting should be 
possible. The current behaviour is to silently succeed, but move 
everything to the (possibly unintended) default location, which is 
unexpected for an upgrade.  If my command had failed or provided an 
error/warning confirmation dialogue I would have been able to figure out 
what I did wrong pretty easily.

As usual, very glad this happened in testing and not production!

Nels Lindquist
<nlindq at maei.ca>

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