[horde] Creating an Info Dashboard: Horde API or command line tools?

Vilius Sumskas/LNK vilius at lnk.lt
Sun Jan 29 13:38:55 UTC 2017

> > Hi,
> >
> >> I am trying to set up a information dashboard for my family that I
> >> will display on a tablet hanging on the kitchen wall. The plan is to
> >> set up several email addresses for various function like
> >> shoppinglist at mydomain or todo at mydomain. The server would process the
> >> email and create a new task in Nag, for example. Processing the email
> >> is the easy part. For me, the hard part is creating the nag entries. 
> >> would also like to be able to automatically create kronolith entries
> >> without have to send email and then confirm it.
> >>
> >> I couldn't find anything in the Wiki or email archives addressing
> >> this. Is it possible or did I miss something?
> >
> > why do you want to do this so complicated? Just use a shared calendar 
> > nag shared task list, then create events/todo items the normal way. 
> > could even use Horde as ActiveSync server to manage all the items.
> >
> > --
> >    Vilius
> > --
> Thank you for your quick response.
> The primary reason is my wife is a techno-phobe. She can use 
> MS-Outlook, MS-Word and the accounting software at work, but that is 
> about it. The entire server is protected by HTTP authentication, plus 
> the login to Horde, so she has to deal with two logins. Then she has 
> to work through the menus and forms to add nag or calendar entries. 
> She simply does not want to be bothered with that, so won't do it. If 
> there was an API or command-line option, that would be less 
> complicated for the family as a whole than spending the time trying to 
> teaching her how to use a new application.
> Second, I would like to automatically create tasks from monitoring 
> scripts on the server.
> Third, I have at least 50 calender events that I would like to add, 
> and inputing them with a web form is a pain.
> Fourth, I often think of task while I am not on a computer. It is far 
> easier to open the email app on my phone, dictate a subject line and 
> send it off, as opposed to logging into the HTTP authentication, 
> logging into Horde, navigating the menu, and then inputting all of the 
> required data into the form. Obviously, in this context, using a 
> shared list and calendars is actually more complicated.
> Fifth, I have a task management tool that can send email when tasks 
> are assigned. In certain circumstances, when I create a task in this 
> tool, I want the tasks to be displayed in the dashboard. Since my wife 
> is a technophone, she will not use this tool and it is really not 
> designed for multiple users. It would be more complicated to add the 
> item into the other tool AND then into nag.
> Sixth, often while working, I think of something that needs to get 
> done that evening or in the next few days. I would either need to keep 
> horde open all of the time (even on the job) or log into the HTTP 
> authentication, log into horde, navigate to nag and then add the task. 
> That is more complicated than simply sending an email with a task 
> description in the subject.
> Seventh, I would like to be able to create calendar entries or tasks, 
> based on email that I receive to my own account.

At least 4 points from your list can be achieved using ActiveSync from any 
mobile device. With ActiveSync you don't need to open HTML forms, you can 
use native phone task/calendar applications.


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