[horde] ActiveSync Ping/Sync flooding in webserver log

Volker Then horde40 at volkerthen.com
Wed Jul 19 10:54:11 UTC 2017

Hi Mike,

I have activesync problems with two clients, both using Outlook  
15.0.4945 (and alos Outlook 16), and both are flooding the webserver  
log with Ping/sync requests.

In the device logs I found lines like this

NOTICE: STATE: Error saving state, checking if this is due to previous  
synckey {596f159b-37c0-4f03-aaa9-2a9494fb36a2}3 not being accepted by  

[31116][2017-07-19T12:29:47+02:00] ERR: Permission Denied
[822][2017-07-19T12:29:47+02:00] INFO:  
----------Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Driver::authenticate() attempt for  
[822][2017-07-19T12:29:47+02:00] INFO: ----------PING request received  
for user *********_wagner
[822][2017-07-19T12:29:47+02:00] INFO: ----------Request being handled  
for device: C7192254727E416BB3F0D430B5363C9E, Supporting protocol  
version: 14.0, Using Horde_ActiveSync v2.38.6

[886][2017-07-19T12:29:43+02:00] ERR: COLLECTIONS: Attempting to add a  
                     to the sync cache while requiring a synckey, but no
                     synckey could be found. Most likely a client error in
                     requesting a collection during PING before it has issued a

Both users share their resources (calendars) with each other and other  
users. Syncing on iOS and Android, both native and Outlook work  

What can cause the issue? I tried to remove the device and resync. No  
success. Removing and reinstalling the accounts on Outlook, no success.



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