[horde] [turba]: a Cisco phone book for Horde Turba

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Mar 2 13:38:39 UTC 2018

Zitat von Carsten <horde-groupware at familie-lahme.de>:

> Am 02.03.2018 um 13:48 schrieb Jens Wahnes:
>> Carsten <horde-groupware at familie-lahme.de> wrote:
>>> http://inoculat0r.blogspot.de/2018/03/gofferje-evolved-cisco-phone-book-for.html As by my questions about this, here is the first working outcome of my  
>>> investigations.
>>> Hopefully some one else can make use of it, too ;-)
>> Since you did not find the answers you got here helpful as per your  
>> blog post, I might as well concede that I don't find your solution  
>> particularly useful. Calling it a "WFM solution" would be  
>> flattering. I certainly would not want to run your code on a system  
>> that's connected to the Internet in any way. From what I've seen in  
>> the code, it's utterly prone to SQL injection and AFAICT it does  
>> not take into account that in one Horde share, there can be entries  
>> done by different users, i.e. the share owner is not necessarily  
>> the the owner of a particular entry in the address book (or  
>> calendar). So this is never going to work for any larger  
>> installation. Too bad you didn't take your time to come up with a  
>> solution that queries the Horde API.
>> Jens
> Hi Jens, all,
> 1st thought: "What does he want?"
> 2nd thought: "He must have had a bad night!"
> 3rd thought: "Damn, he is serious about what he just wrote!"
> 1st action: Got a hot cup of tea.
> 2nd action: started writing.....
> 3rd action: stopped writing, laid back, got a nipp from the mug,  
> deleted everything.
> 4th action: rewriting:
> "To be an intelligent human, does not conclude the lack of  
> understanding of different levels of beings!
> As more intelligent the human feels, as more he is unable to change  
> his view to the view of his counterpart."
> The only sentence left from the first storm of writing:
> ".... You are absolutely right..." ".... take that shit of me and  
> put it into Your dump, and never think about it a second time..."
> ;-)
> life long and prosper.....
> Carsten

I have no idea why your first reaction was like this, since Jens gave  
you some useful, objective, sensible feedback. If you'd like to  
improve your development skills and get better at what you are doing,  
you are well advised to take such feedback seriously, question it,  
discuss it, and learn from it. As well as with any other feedback you  
got from this mailing list.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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