[horde] thunderbird/ Lightning Calendar sync

Frank Lienhard frank at mclien.de
Wed Apr 25 17:45:11 UTC 2018

On 04/25/2018 05:20 PM, Jens Wahnes wrote:
> Frank Lienhard wrote:
>> I'm trying to sync my horde calendar with Thinderbird/Lightning using
>> this howto:
>> https://wiki.horde.org/KronolithSunbird
>> But I don't get this:
>> On which of the machines do I have to install those packages:
>> - php4-pear
>> - HTTP_WebDAV_Server package
> That wiki page is very much outdated. You certainly would not want to
> install anything PHP4 related anywhere.
I totally didn't got that. (shame on me). But now I'm happy:
- That the wiki page was unclear (at least to me)
- I hadn't time to test it..
> Given that you have got a working installation of Horde Groupware
> (version 5, not some ancient version as referred to on said page), you
> can easily subscribe calendars with Thunderbird/Lightning using the URLs
> provided in the web interface. In Kronolith, click on the pencil icon
> next to a calendar, go to the Subscription tab and copy the URL from the
> "CalDAV Subscription URL" box. Use that URL in Thunderbird when creating
> a new network based calendar of the CalDAV type. Repeat for every
> calendar you wish to subcribe.
That went smoothly for my short test.

New logical thing would be to update/ write new a wiki page.
Can't remember, if I already have a wiki account or in case how to get one..
> Jens

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