[horde] Horde and ActiveSync on Android ?

John hordemailing at malkaandmalka.info
Sun Apr 29 09:01:43 UTC 2018

On 20:26 22 April 2018, Andreas Mauser wrote:
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> >On 16:06 22 April 2018, Andreas Mauser wrote:
> >>Hi John,
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> >>
> >>>Hi,
> >>>We have another issue with syncing Android to the Horde.  The server is a
> >>>CentOS 6.9 Final, kernel 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64.
> >>>
> >>>We have the Horde (v. 5.2.22) and ActiveSync (v. 2.39.2), and calendar sync
> >>>works flawlessly with an iPhone 7+.  Any events I add on the web GUI are
> >>>immediately present on the iPhone (and vice versa), and any deletions -
> >>>ditto.
> >>>
> >>>My wife was having issues with a Samsung S7.  She was using my account and
> >>>password, and just selected 'calendar' rather than tasks and e-mails.
> >>>There were no events being synced.   If she deleted the acount and
> >>>recreated it, then all the events present in the Horde calendar appeared
> >>>in the calendar on her telephone, but any subsequent edits to the calendar,
> >>>did not reflect on the telephone.
> >>>
> >>>She received her new S9 yesterday, and it's the same story.  She adds the
> >>>account, and all of the events appear.  I then add another event, and it
> >>>doesn't appear on her telephone.
> >>>
> >>>If she deletes or edits one of the events that she can see, it's synced to
> >>>the Horde GUI.  In short, it seems that any modifications made outside her
> >>>mobile device are not reflected on that device unless the account is
> >>>removed and re-added.
> >>>
> >>>Are there known issues with Android and ActiveSync?   Strangely, other
> >>>ActiveSync accounts she has on her phone (her work account for example) are
> >>>synching perfectly.
> >>>
> >>>I can post the active.log but it's huge.  What am I looking for in it?
> >>
> >>It's a long story about not fully compatible activesync clients on
> >>android phones. It's your wife's activesync client, the builtin one.
> >>
> >>The short answer is: Invest a lil and get https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninefolders.hd3&hl=de
> >>99.999% of all your problems just vanish and you get a really useful
> >>app for your android.
> >>
> >>Best,
> >>Andreas ;-)
> >>
> >>
> >>>Many thanks.
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> >
> >Hi Andreas.
> >
> >Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, that didn't work.  We download the app,
> >and she adds my account to the app.  E-mail syncs instantly (old and new
> >messages), as do all current events.  But a test event that I add next
> >Tuesday, doesn't appear on her phone.
> Please disable the buildin activesync client, so that it doesnt interfere.

How does one go about deleting or disabling the built-in client?  

What we did this morning was to remove every other account (except the
Samsung one, which apparently is for purchases on the Android Store etc),
and then add the Horde back into the phone.  As always, she could see all
of the events in the calendar, but when I added a new one, that did not

> And what does the log say?
Difficult to know, as the active.log is so massive and being written to by
half a dozen different syncs from different devices (none of them Android).
Can you tell me what I _should_ be looking for? 

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