[horde] The preference "blacklist" could not be saved because its data exceeds the maximum allowable size

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jun 14 17:44:49 UTC 2018

Zitat von Jens Wahnes <wahnes at uni-koeln.de>:

> Alex Abbas | Columbus wrote:
>> When I try and blacklist an email in the Horde portal I am getting  
>> an error message - "The preference "blacklist" could not be saved  
>> because its data exceeds the maximum allowable size".
> are you the administrator of the Horde installation in question or  
> are you a user of it?
> Apart from what I wrote about that topic back in April, you might be  
> hitting the limit that is controlled by the  
> $conf['prefs']['maxsize'] setting, with the default being 65535  
> AFAIK. So that would be an awful lot of email addresses blacklisted  
> if you really have got ~65K bytes of email addresses saved there  
> already (assuming an average length of 30 bytes per email address,  
> that would be approx. 2000 email addresses).
> If you use a lower limit for $conf['prefs']['maxsize'] or don't  
> employ the usual "SQL Database" backend for preferences, things  
> might be different for you. If you do, however, employ an RDBMS  
> backend for preference storage, you may want to check the current  
> size of that pref (use an SQL statement to the effect of "select  
> length(pref_value) from horde_prefs where  
> pref_uid='your_horde_username_here' and pref_name='blacklist'").
>> Can someone confirm if this is saying the blacklist has hit its  
>> limit for addresses that I can add to it or is it saying the email  
>> I am trying to blacklist is too big in size?
> If you're talking about the length of the individual email address  
> that you are about to add to the blacklist, I don't think there is  
> any limit on that -- other that the general 65 K limit, that is.
>> How do I increase the number of email addresses I can blacklist and  
>> how do I increase the size of the emails I am able to blacklist.
> If you are hitting the limit emposed by $conf['prefs']['maxsize'],  
> you could raise that through gearwheel icon, Administration,  
> Configuration, Horde (horde), Preferences tab. Depending on the  
> actual database system in use, 65535 might be the maximum there,  
> depending on the table definition for the pref_value column ("TEXT",  
> "BLOB", "LONGBLOB" or similar). I'd recommend shortening the list of  
> blacklisted addresses in this case, however, because I don't think  
> it makes any sense to blacklist thousands of email addresses.
> Should you not be close to said limit, refer to what I wrote in  
> april about the limits of blacklist entries set through the  
> permissions system. So that would be gearwheel icon, Administration,  
> Permissions, Filters (ingo), Backends, your backend name, "Maximum  
> number of blacklist addresses (max_blacklist)".
> Jens

Best solution would probably be to switch Ingo from the preference  
storage backend to the sql storage.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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