[horde] Struggling with two issues using ActiveSync

Kevin kevo at gatorgraphics.com
Fri Aug 10 20:12:50 UTC 2018

I have ActiveSync up and mostly working on my Horde installation. There are only two issues I haven't been able to figure out and I need a hint or two where I should be looking to solve these issues.

The first problem is that when setting up an iPhone using autodiscover the iPhone wants to use http instead of https by default. I can switch on https later in the phone and everything works fine. I think the problem is that the autodiscover.xml file is being returned with http in the Server URL inside the xml instead of https. I'm not sure how Horde is determining this or if it's a setting I need to change somewhere. I'm assuming that if that URL was https that the phone would use SSL automatically. I don't want any users having to set that up manually because some of them surely won't and then there would be no encryption and that would be a bad thing IMO.

The second problem is the odd behavior of the Junk and Spam folders. I've tried using Junk and Spam for the name of the Spam folder, but neither way seems to work right. If I make a Junk folder and set the web interface to use that as it's Spam folder I end up getting a Spam folder on the phone and not a Junk folder. Then the phone's Junk options don't work. I think this is an issue only with ActiveSync as I can set Mail.app on OS X up to use either folder and it seems to work fine.

I'd appreciate and help or pointers on these two issues.


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