[horde] Struggling with two issues using ActiveSync

Ad-Min admin at 123.dynu.com
Sat Aug 11 12:19:04 UTC 2018

Kevin wrote
> The first problem is that when setting up an iPhone using autodiscover the
> iPhone wants to use http instead of https by default. I can switch on
> https later in the phone and everything works fine. I think the problem is
> that the autodiscover.xml file is being returned with http in the Server
> URL inside the xml instead of https. I'm not sure how Horde is determining
> this or if it's a setting I need to change somewhere. I'm assuming that if
> that URL was https that the phone would use SSL automatically. I don't
> want any users having to set that up manually because some of them surely
> won't and then there would be no encryption and that would be a bad thing
> IMO.

You should be able to force redirect to https from your web server. This has
nothing to do with horde. Do this in Apache virtual host if you're using

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