[horde] ActiveSync client displays messages that were deleted in IMAP

Kevin kevo at gatorgraphics.com
Sun Aug 12 03:48:58 UTC 2018

> On Aug 11, 2018, at 1:52 PM, Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> wrote:
>> I would argue that it there is no inconsistency in this case. After all, the message actually does exist in the mailbox. The only difference is the EAS client doesn't mark that it's flagged with the DELETED flag - because it doesn't know about such a flag.
>> IMO, actually deleting the message over ActiveSync is inconsistent since now the mailbox on the EAS client shows that the message is actually NOT in the mailbox at all - you can't "show deleted" and you can't remove the deleted flag. In clients that allow marking message deleted, you still see them, or have the ability to show them, in the mailbox, albeit marked with a deleted flag which you have the ability to remove. You would have no such ability in the eas client if it is "deleted" from the mailbox.
>> Anyway, I do get what you are saying though :)
> Another point to consider is that this leads to issues if there are changes to the email that is marked for deletion. Like adding/removing another flag, or actually expunging it. This triggers a change to be detected and sent to the client. If the message is "deleted" on the client it can't do anything with it in the best case and for not-well-behaved-clients, can cause crashes.  This would also require some workarounds when removing the deleted flag. Since it's just a change in a flag, this change would never be reflected on the client since the original message is no longer on the client. Anyway... I'm done now :)

Thanks for the explanation. I get it now, and I can at least make an informed choice about how to handle things. Probably we'll just deal with it by explaining how things work to other users. Quitting Mail more often seems to be an easy way to deal with it. That seems to expunge the messages immediately.

Maybe you know why this other inconsistent behavior I'm seeing happens? If I use Junk as my spam folder (Junk is the name in dovecot) then setting Junk as the spam folder in the web interface settings cause the iPhone to not show Junk anymore, but Spam. The phone doesn't seem to know to use Spam as Junk. Is there a reason ActiveSync changes the name? Can that behavior be turned off somehow so I can use Junk as my Spam folder in the web interface and have it's spam functions work and the phone's junk functions work.

Right now I just set the spam folder to none in the web settings since it's the least used client and handle all the junk marking and moving with the phone or desktop client.


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