[horde] Is it possible to install Horde in a shared hosting environment ?

Michael Z Freeman michael at michaelzfreeman.org
Fri Oct 5 10:33:34 UTC 2018


I've searched for guides showing how to do this which suggests a separate
installation of PEAR can be installed in the shared host login directory
but I'm not sure if that would allow the horde installation.

I do have a PEAR available at the command line. PEAR is also available in
cpanel but it's not possible to make it aware of the horde channel (not in
any way that I can see anyway). My hosting plan is "Swift" -

These commands work ...

pear channel-discover pear.horde.org
pear install horde/horde_role
pear run-scripts horde/horde_role

Until the last one which gives ...

"Could not save horde_dir configuration value to PEAR config."

I've tried transferring the horde files and database from an installation
that I had on an AWS EC2 server but then horde can't find its php

All the best

Michael Freeman

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