[horde] groupware question

Panos Milis - Elastic Reality milis at milis.gr
Sun Dec 30 19:01:53 UTC 2018

> Hello Dear All,thank you for this great platform... we are using is 
> partially as a part of cPanel service.
> I have a couple of questions regarding the group working features.
> 1) can we import .eml mails in folders structure so we import from 
> other system?
> 2) I see we have shared contacts and calendars... can we also have 
> shared mail folders?
> I mean admin account to download external POP3 in various sub 
> folders based on filters and share e.x. Export folder to export 
> sales people and general inquiries to Secretaries etc...
> We already have a similar system (not office 365) but we need 
> something better to move on to...
> Thank you,
> Panos Milis

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