[horde] Installing Horde on Ubuntu 18.04

Chris Hogan chris.hogan at 4xtra.com
Tue Apr 9 07:10:01 UTC 2019

I've had to move my horde installation to a new Ubuntu server. I started
by trying the standard method using PEAR but I had a permissions problem
(now fixed), so then I used apt-get install php-horde-webmail

The setup would not complete because it "mixed" with the failed PEAR
installation, therefore I deleted everything and tried apt-get again

This has installed a configuration in /etc/horde and code in folders
/usr/share/horde & /usr/share/php/horde, but I don't know what to do
next: there is no conf.php.dist & I can't find any instructions on how
to complete the installation

I have managed simply to copy the code from the old server, so I have
Horde up & running, but I'd prefer it to have a clean installation, if
possible. Are there instructions as to how I should have used the
apt-get method?

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