[horde] Blank configuration tabs - SOLUTION

Arjen de Korte build+horde at de-korte.org
Wed May 15 11:11:15 UTC 2019

Citeren Jaap Winius <jwinius at umrk.nl>:

> Quoting Allan Girvan <agirvan at gmail.com>:
>> You could try the fixes in this thread:-
>> http://horde.690.n7.nabble.com/Display-Problem-with-PHP7-3-td143374.html
>> <http://horde.690.n7.nabble.com/Display-Problem-with-PHP7-3-td143374.html>
>> Basically, you need to make very minor edits to two files to get things
>> working under php 7.3.
> Allan, thank you very much for that information! I would never have  
> known how to fix this without your expert advice. What I needed to  
> do was just slightly different, so I'll explain for others faced  
> with the same problem:
> * In /usr/share/php/Horde/Text/Filter/Linkurls.php on line 89,  
> change '\w-' to '\w\-'
> * In /usr/share/php/Horde/Text/Filter/Emails.php in line 64, change  
> '\w-' to '\w\-'
> So, on Debian buster the path to Emails.php is a little different  
> (it may be a typo) and the line number is 64 instead of 61.

If this is the fix, you're running badly outdated packages. This fix  
was already released in December last year as part of Horde_Text_Filter:


[jan] Fix regular expression error with PHP 7.3 (Remi Collet
       <remi at remirepo.net>, PR 1).

Before asking for help, make sure you're running the latest packages  
available from the PEAR channel at minimum.

> Thanks again! Cheers,
> Jaap

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