[horde] Kronolith 4.2.27 on Horde 5.2.22 - No supported IMAP authentication method could be found.

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Mon Jan 6 21:43:08 UTC 2020


Zitat von director_de at yahoo.de:
> Yes, hopefully somebody could jump in.Using kolab as an IMAP Server  
> only, IMP works like a charm, but neither Calendar/Tasks nor Notes  
> are working.I appreciate the developers of the kolab plugin to  
> help/answer here in the list, please.Working Calendar is essential. 

what storage format does your Kolab server use - IOW, which Kolab  
version do you run?

For what I know, the storage drivers distributed with Horde only  
support some "old" format (pre-Kolab3, AFAIR).

 From your earlier message, it *might* be an authentication problem -  
please enable IMAP debug on the Horde server to check if this is  
really the case. It might well be that the Horde(/Kolab) storage  
driver is reporting back a generic error, which Horde logs as  
"authentication failure", while the actual error is incorrect data  
format after all.

Only thing I can add is that Kronolith 4.2.27 etc. *does* work with  
IMAP-stored Kolab events (old format). I have a running instance,  
where the IMAP server by now is a semi-plain Cyrus 2.5, without Kolab  
around it. I'm keeping Kolab configuration because I've not found a  
way to migrate the thousands of objects to other storage formats easily.


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