[horde] Configuration on a new install

o1bigtenor o1bigtenor at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 23:45:43 UTC 2020


I was eventually successful in effecting an install of
Horde-groupware-webmail on a LAMP stack built on Debian 10. There was
enough toing and froing but I was abel to get things done. My thanks
to those that offered tips and advice in a previous thread.

Now I have where I can log into the server from a different machine on
the lan and I see the login screen (contains a user name, password and
some log in options). I know that I don't have any real configuration
on my system completed. Reading section 4 of:
isn't helping. I'm not sure what its telling me to do. I get the
warning - - - - given the joys I had in the installation I'll bet its
easy to foobar the works. But what to do?
(The section in the docs is likely excellent for someone who has
configured 50 systems but for a first time through the gate - - - -
I'm not understanding what I'm to be doing to get a functioning


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