[horde] Immediately logged out after login

Ferdinand Gruber fer.grub at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 27 15:05:02 UTC 2020

Am 27.01.20 um 15:49 schrieb Ferdinand Gruber:
> Am 27.01.20 um 12:20 schrieb Ferdinand Gruber:
>> Am 26.01.20 um 22:14 schrieb Ferdinand Gruber:
>>> Am 25.01.20 um 16:10 schrieb Ferdinand Gruber:
>>>> I have a local instance of horde for test purposes on my computer 
>>>> at home.
>>>> When trying to login I suddenly get the message that the session 
>>>> has timed out.
>>> I changed the authentication to 'htpasswd_file'.
>>> Now I am able to login as administrator and also as common user.
>>> But, when I click on "calendar" I see for a short moment the 
>>> calendar view and after that I get suddenly logged out. Again the 
>>> message appears, that the session has timed out.
>> I don't get it to work. Now I spent three days for that.
Problem solved.

It was caused by a configuration item in /etc/php7/apache2/php.ini

Some weeks ago I set in php.ini:

request_order = "CG"

because I thought that could have advantages in one of my php projects.

This setting caused my problems with horde login.

Regards from Austria
Ferdinand Gruber

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