[horde] moving to FreeBSD

Zsombor horde at tuxworx.hu
Wed Jun 24 11:25:25 UTC 2020

Hello All,

I'm moving my Horde installation from ubuntu 16.04 LTS to FreeBSD 12.
I have created the new database (mysql) and imported the exported old  

I have installed php74-horde-content php74-horde-imp php74-horde-ingo  
php74-horde-kronolith php74-horde-mnemo php74-horde-nag  
php74-horde-timeobjects php74-horde-turba with pkg which installs all  
the other dependencies.

I have moved these files from the old server:
- horde/admin/config/config.php
- horde/config/conf.php

When I open the login page, everything is OK (mail and other services  
are still disabled but that's OK).
When I click Cogwheel > Administration > Configuration > Horde
I get this:

A fatal error has occurred
syntax error, unexpected 'new' (T_NEW)
in /usr/local/share/pear/Services/Weather.php:167

Full output can be found here: https://pastebin.com/mSiGGT8W

Any help is appreciated how to solve this.

Thank you,

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