[horde] Changes in Signature reset by ActiveSync

Michael Menge michael.menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Sep 24 08:25:29 UTC 2020


Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting Michael Menge <michael.menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de>:
>> this time the reset was triggered by an other device SAMSUNGSMT805.
>> Also the user disable ActiveSync on this device and changed the  
>> signature again.
>> But there was still a php process running with a connection for  
>> that device. I suspect that it
>> did reset the signature at the end
> These logs don't show anything other than normal requests. What  
> makes you think this is the request resetting the signature? As I  
> said, ActiveSync has nothing to do with the email signature set in  
> the user's Horde preferences. The protocol doesn't contain a  
> mechanism to change it or fetch it, and the code doesn't attempt to  
> write anything to the identity system at all.  We DO use identity in  
> a few places to honor the From address of the user's selected  
> identity, but even so, these specific requests wouldn't even hit  
> that code.
I understand that there is no "intended" way to change the signatur  
via ActiveSync,
but that this is most likely a caching/race condition problem.

> If this is 100% proven to be from an activesync request, I would  
> start looking at the code that instantiates the identity system or  
> the prefs system. Maybe there's some bug in the redis driver or  
> issue with caching the prefs?  However, I'm unable to reproduce this.

I did write a SQL script to monitor the changes for the horde_pref  
identity value.
I did run this script every minute so I could narrow down the time  
frame to ~2 Minutes
In at the time there was only a Active Sync connection form that user,  
i did checked
this for two different times. Also as the user did deactivate  
ActiveSync on both devices,
and waited till no connection was active, he could change the  
signature and it has not
been reset till now (more than a day). So i am pretty sure that this  
is related to active sync.

At the moment I don't have a Test system at hand, and as the urgent  
problem for the user
is resolved (changing his signature) i don't know if i can debug this  
in the near future.

I know how hard/impossible it is to find/fix a bug that can not be  
reproduced so
thank you for looking into this, and for the great work on the project.
If I am able to reproduce this and am able to narrow this down further  
I will open a
bug report in the tracker.

Kind Regards


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