[horde] Install as non-privileged user?

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Tue Dec 8 06:22:31 UTC 2020

Hi Frank,

Am 03.12.20 um 08:03 schrieb Frank Lienhard:
> since I have quite some trouble with my horde installation due to a
> server move from centOS6 to centOS7, I'm about to install it anew.
> I am using a shared hosting (uberspace), which gives me shell access as
> a user.
> They also provide php (7.2, 7.3., 7.4.) and pear in the following paths,
> which I can access ro:
> php: /usr/bin/php
> php-pear: /opt/remi/php74/root/bin/
> So the question is how do I install this properly inside my doc-root
> without any need to install anything in the ro paths?
> e.g. I got an error for "horde_lz4.so", because it san't be installed in
> the above mentioned pear path.

You can use a local pear config that points to your writeable space.

Alternatively, you can try out the composer based install

But this will install horde from git-master and may not suit your
production needs.



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