[horde] Horde groupware red hat 8.4

Ralf Lang ralf.lang at ralf-lang.de
Wed Sep 14 06:25:05 UTC 2022

Hola Alvaro,

Am 14.09.2022 um 07:55 schrieb alvaro.gasco at externos.correo.gob.es:
>>> Enviado desde mi iPhone
>> RHEL 8 comes with a fairly recent PHP. I would recommend installing 
>> horde via Composer on such a platform.
> So, clonning this git repository and executing as it is indicated in 
> the readme it will install horde?

Yes, but it is a slightly more modern codebase with several patches to 
work better with modern PHP.
The PEAR releases are the official, stable builds offered by horde.org. 
See below.

>> git clone https://github.com/maintaina-com/horde-deployment.git
>> cd horde-deployment
>> composer install
>> The PEAR ecosystem is almost dead.
>> However I suspect your 403 error is unrelated to this. A resource 
>> forbidden (403) is thrown when you have no access to the target 
>> resource.
>> Can you confirm with w3m, links, lynx or the likes if you actually 
>> have outbound http connectivity from your server to pear.horde.org?
> Yes, if i try to connect via wget or curl I receive a “connected” .
> Command wget output:
> wget https://pear.horde.org/channel.xml
> --2022-09-13 14:18:43--  https://pear.horde.org/channel.xml
> Resolviendo pear.horde.org (pear.horde.org)...
> Conectando con pear.horde.org (pear.horde.org)[]:443... 
> conectado.
> ERROR: El certificado de “pear.horde.org” no es confiable.
> ERROR: El certificado de “pear.horde.org” no tiene un emisor conocido.
> command pear channel-discover output:
> Discovering channel pear.horde.org over http:// failed with message: 
> channel-add: Cannot open "http://pear.horde.org/channel.xml" (File 
> http://pear.horde.org:80/channel.xml not valid (received: HTTP/1.1 403 
> Forbidden
> ))
> Trying to discover channel pear.horde.org over https:// instead
> Discovery of channel "pear.horde.org" failed (channel-add: Cannot open 
> "https://pear.horde.org/channel.xml" (Connection to 
> `ssl://pear.horde.org:443' failed: ))
Can you please just download the channel file 
http://pear.horde.org/channel.xml (wget or curl) and then try to 
register it locally?
pear channel-add channel.xml

Your error message says your server is missing the certificates for 
HTTPS traffic with horde.org - However pear.horde.org is delivered using 
a perfectly vale certificate from the Letsencrypt R3 CA. It should be 
valid until november.

I suspect you need to install the letsencrypt CA or you will fail in the 
next phase again.

>> Regards
>> Ralf
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