[horde] Cannot install Horde with composer on openSUSE 15.4

Brent impuser at bitrealm.com
Thu Feb 9 01:48:30 UTC 2023

  Quoting Ferdinand Gruber <fer.grub at yahoo.de>:

> Am 06.02.23 um 19:50 schrieb Brent:
>>  Quoting Brent <impuser at bitrealm.com>:
>>> Quoting Ferdinand Gruber <fer.grub at yahoo.de>:
>>>> Am 06.02.23 um 00:49 schrieb Brent:
>>>>>  Quoting Ferdinand Gruber <fer.grub at yahoo.de>:
>>>>>> I've been using Horde for almost 20 years now. PHP8 was  
>>>>>> installed with the upgrade to Suse 15.4. Since upgrading to  
>>>>>> PHP8, Horde has stopped working.
>>>>>> Now I tried a new install of Horde with composer. I am sure  
>>>>>> that I did everything correctly according to the instructions  
>>>>>> on github. I also created a virtualHost for Horde using  
>>>>>> /srv/www/htdocs/horde/web as documentRoot
>>>>>> After successful installation I think, that something like an  
>>>>>> installation wizard should appear after calling the Horde site  
>>>>>> in the web-browser. But instead I am redirected to a login  
>>>>>> page, that of course does not exist.
>>>>>> You can examine this on my real site: https://horde.grubit.at
>>>>>> After this I tried to get Horde to work using an openSUSE VM. I  
>>>>>> have such a VirtualBox VM running on my home computer for test  
>>>>>> purposes. After having added some needed modules and other  
>>>>>> stuff I got apache2 to work on that VM. Additionally I had to  
>>>>>> set up the mysql server and to install composer on the VM.
>>>>>> On that VM there was never Horde installed or PEAR.
>>>>>> Now I could install Horde with composer and copied the sample  
>>>>>> config file to conf.php and called
>>>>>> cd /srv/www/htdocs/horde
>>>>>> composer horde-reconfigure
>>>>>> I opened the web browser in the VM and called http://localhost/horde/web
>>>>>> Now I expected the installation wizard or something similar.  
>>>>>> But instead of that I get redirected to this address:
>>>>>> http://localhost/horde/login.php
>>>>>> So the same thing happens as on my production server.
>>>>>> I'm sorry, I suspect a bug in Horde's PHP code that only  
>>>>>> appears in SUSE. How can I debug this?
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Regards from Austria
>>>>>> Ferdinand Gruber
>>>>> As I've said, I have horde (dev6) working on Opensuse 15.4 and  
>>>>> php 8.0. I also did a force upgrade to php 8.1 and Horde  
>>>>> continued to function just fine on Opensuse 15.4. Try to install  
>>>>> at least one component, preferably Imp and see if that installs  
>>>>> other modules that you might be missing.
>>>>> Do:
>>>>> $  composer require horde/imp dev-FRAMEWORK_6_0
>>>>> When I go to your site like this:
>>>>> https://horde.grubit.at/horde/login.php
>>>>> I'm getting an Auth driver not found. This is because there is  
>>>>> no cookie being set for Horde_Auth. I'm a little unclear why  
>>>>> that would happen, offhand. I see Net_DNS2 is also missing, but  
>>>>> that will be installed if you add the "imp" package.
>>>>> Going to your site:
>>>>> https://horde.grubit.at
>>>>> ...without a trailing path, it is redirecting without the  
>>>>> hostname...somehow it is NULL. I've tried all manner of weird  
>>>>> things on my OpenSUSE installation to try to get the system to  
>>>>> NOT return the hostname and I can't seem to reproduce that odd  
>>>>> behavior.
>>>>> Thanks!
>>>> I installed imp without errors on horde.grubit.at and on my VM  
>>>> but that changed nothing.
>>>> I don't get it to work neither on my production site nor on my  
>>>> SUSE VM. I always get redirected to that strange login page.
>>>> Thank you for trying to help me.
>>>> --
>>>> Regards from Austria
>>>> Ferdinand Gruber
>>>   The ""strange login" page you mention is happening because  
>>> something is stripping out the hostname and being set as NULL in  
>>> the url on the redirect to horde/login.php. I've no idea what that  
>>> might be in your case.
>>> Enable logging (debug/info) in Horde and see if anything  
>>> "interesting" is showing up. If you edit your main "conf.php",  
>>> you'll want to log to a file that has write access for the web  
>>> user. You COULD start with logging priority "INFO" first, then go  
>>> to "DEBUG" if nothing interesting is showing up.
>>> $conf['log']['priority'] = 'DEBUG';
>>> $conf['log']['ident'] = 'HORDE';
>>> $conf['log']['name'] = '/logs/horde.log';
>>> $conf['log']['params']['append'] = true;
>>> $conf['log']['params']['format'] = 'default';
>>> $conf['log']['type'] = 'file';
>>> $conf['log']['enabled'] = true;
>>> Brent
>> I also see that the webuser can't write to the static directory on  
>> your production server:
> Sorry,  Iforgot to change the permissions after installation. Now I  
> changed the ownership of all the files in/srv/www/htdochs/horde to  
> wwwrun.www
> But that did not change anything for me.
> Now I tried a few things:
> I copied the above config settings into  
> horde/var/config/horde/conf.php. This is now the content of that file:
> $conf['log']['priority'] = 'DEBUG';
> $conf['log']['ident'] = 'HORDE';
> $conf['log']['name'] = '/var/log/horde.log';
> $conf['log']['params']['append'] = true;
> $conf['log']['params']['format'] = 'default';
> $conf['log']['type'] = 'file';
> $conf['log']['enabled'] = true;
> if (!defined('HORDE_BASE')) define('HORDE_BASE',  
> '/srv/www/htdocs/horde/web/horde');
> ini_set('include_path',  
> '/srv/www/htdocs/horde/vendor/horde/autoloader/lib:/srv/www/htdocs/horde/vendor/horde/form/lib/:' .  
>  ini_get('include_path'));
>        require_once('/srv/www/htdocs/horde/vendor/horde/core/lib/Horde/Core/Nosql.php');
>        require_once('/srv/www/htdocs/horde/vendor/autoload.php');
> But that does also not change anything.
> I suppose, that there could be something wrong with the apache2  
> configuration.
> I tried the directive UseCanonicalName = On in the virtualHost  
> config file. But that also did not change anything.
> --
> Regards from Austria
> Ferdinand Gruber
> --
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I'm getting an error on your test.php page:    

Required Configuration Files

    config/conf.php: No
    The file config/conf.php is outputting a non-empty string when  
parsed. Configuration files should not output anything. Output string:

    Hostname: horde.grubit.at

I DO see the imp login page test now work, sorta. I think you might be  
getting close!


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