[horde] Cannot install Horde with composer on openSUSE 15.4

Admin Beckspaced admin at beckspaced.com
Thu Feb 16 09:22:13 UTC 2023

Am 05.02.2023 um 23:30 schrieb Ferdinand Gruber:
> I've been using Horde for almost 20 years now. PHP8 was installed with 
> the upgrade to Suse 15.4. Since upgrading to PHP8, Horde has stopped 
> working.
> Now I tried a new install of Horde with composer. I am sure that I did 
> everything correctly according to the instructions on github. I also 
> created a virtualHost for Horde using /srv/www/htdocs/horde/web as 
> documentRoot
> After successful installation I think, that something like an 
> installation wizard should appear after calling the Horde site in the 
> web-browser. But instead I am redirected to a login page, that of 
> course does not exist.
> You can examine this on my real site: https://horde.grubit.at
> After this I tried to get Horde to work using an openSUSE VM. I have 
> such a VirtualBox VM running on my home computer for test purposes. 
> After having added some needed modules and other stuff I got apache2 
> to work on that VM. Additionally I had to set up the mysql server and 
> to install composer on the VM.
> On that VM there was never Horde installed or PEAR.
> Now I could install Horde with composer and copied the sample config 
> file to conf.php and called
> cd /srv/www/htdocs/horde
> composer horde-reconfigure
> I opened the web browser in the VM and called http://localhost/horde/web
> Now I expected the installation wizard or something similar. But 
> instead of that I get redirected to this address:
> http://localhost/horde/login.php
> So the same thing happens as on my production server.
> I'm sorry, I suspect a bug in Horde's PHP code that only appears in 
> SUSE. How can I debug this?

Hello Ferdinand & Brent,

I was following your conversation in the list.
I'm in a similar situation as I need to update my PHP version to 8.x

I followed the instructions at https://github.com/horde/horde-deployment

I encountered an issue with running composer as root.

Do not run Composer as root/super user! See https://getcomposer.org/root 
for details
Continue as root/super user [yes]?

If I just confirmed with yes and run composer the horde installation was 
not working properly.

Seems like some plugins were disabled as mentioned here: 

If I then instead do 'export COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER=1' in the shell  
and then run composer install the horde installation was properly installed.

Pointing the document root to /web subdirectory on a sub domain gave me 
access to configure horde.


@brent thanks a lot for the following command

$ composer require horde/imp dev-FRAMEWORK_6_0

The param 'dev-FRAMEWORK_6_0' after the package name seems to define the 
branch I want to install?
Is that correct?

Still need to learn a bit more about composer :)

Installing and configuring Horde IMP was also not a big deal and it 
actually went pretty smooth.

I also tried the install on my staging server with PHP 8.0.x and PHP 8.1.x
Both PHP versions worked fine.


horde/passwd module was giving an error because of the newer mariadb

Feb 15 18:09:47 cx20 HORDE[6596]: [passwd] utf8 is not supported by 
MySQL (big5, dec8, cp850, hp8, koi8r, latin1, latin2, swe7, ascii, ujis, 
sjis, hebrew, tis620, euckr, koi8u, gb2312, greek, cp1250, gbk, latin5, 
armscii8, utf8mb3, ucs2, cp866, keybcs2, macce, macroman, cp852, latin7, 
utf8mb4, cp1251, utf16, utf16le, cp1256, cp1257, utf32, binary, geostd8, 
cp932, eucjpms) [pid 6596 on line 130 of 

adding charset utf8mb4 in the backend driver solved this issue

     'params' => array(
         'phptype' => 'mysqli',
         'charset' => 'utf8mb4',

$ composer require horde/passwd dev-FRAMEWORK_6_0

running that command also automatically installed the memcache from 

pecl.php.net Available Upgrades (stable):
Channel      Package  Local          Remote       Size
pecl.php.net memcache 2.2.7 (stable) 8.0 (stable) 77kB

 From horde install instructions I remember the -B option

pear install -o -B horde/passwd

which would then skip the installation of the binary PECL package and 
only install required dependencies instead of all optional dependencies

Is there also an option with composer to skip installtion of the binary 
PECL package?

@ferdinand & @brent

thanks a lot for your conversation.
you both gave me the proper hints and motivation to start working on a 
new horde install :)


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