[imp] imap_open timeout and segfault?

Bill Edgington horde@0x20.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 12:56:18 +0200

Hi. Sorry to repeat this question but it's rather urgent.

I'm running Horde 2.1 RC3 / IMP 3.1 RC3 / PHP 4.1.2 / Apache 1.3.22 on SuSE Linux EmailServer III. horde/test.php shows everything green. 

My problem is, when I attempt to login with improper credentials (wrong password), the call to imap_open() on line 245 of imp/lib/IMP.php times out and apache segfaults. Logging in with proper credentials works fine.

/var/log/messages shows these 2 lines:
imapd [28301]: pam_ldap: error trying to bind as user "uid=bill,dc=host,dc=com" (Invalid credentials)
imapd [28301]: badlogin: my.host.com[] LOGIN authentication failure

The same problem occurs when logging in through horde/imp/test.php. 

Any ideas what could be causing this?