[imp] version 3.0 problems

Richard Fleming richard.fleming@atmaana.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 12:34:57 +0100

We have been running IMP version 3.0 for the last couple 
of months but we have a couple of issues, which I wondered 
if anyone knew the fixes to:

1) Save as draft - displays an error message saying it
couldn't be saved (although if you then check the
drafts folder it has worked.

2) In the Drafts folder, there is no way to continue
editing a draft message in order to then send it. 
Apparently there is meant to be a link to allow
the user to continue editing the draft message.

3) Is there an easy way for users to pick addresses
whilst composing an e-mail? There don't appear to be
any links to the address book.

4) We often get timeouts whilst using the web
interface, is there a way to improve/cater for this?