[imp] IMP server configs

Harry Hoffman hhoffman@ip-solutions.net
Tue, 28 May 2002 18:11:39 -0400

Hi Jan,
   My regular email is back so I can post to the list. Anyway here are my 
thoughts. In servers.php one has various options that are directly related to 
the IMAP/POP server to be used. It would seem that since things like the 
"INBOX", "sent-mail", "drafts", "Quota info", etc. are all related to the 
specific IMAP/POP server that they should be allowed to be defaults in 
servers.php and perhaps overriden in prefs.php.
   This would allow for "x" number of backend servers to be configured without 
writing specific code to deal with them individually. And since they would be 
defaults to that IMAP/POP server it wouldn't matter if the user chose the 
Exchange server as opposed to the Cyrus server. The sent mail folder would 
automatically become "Sent Items" as opposed to the default "sent-mail". If 
the user than decided to use an IMAP client such as Outlook things would 
appear the same in both IMP and Outlook as opposed to trying to explain that 
they should set their prefs for each server (IMAP/POP) that they may connect 
  Then IMP could select based off of info provided as default in server.php 
and leave the user out of configuration unless they chose to do so themselves.
  I would love to be able to submit a patch but I just don't know php that 
well. But I do think that if there is one IMP installation serving many 
backend IMAP/POP servers that this would make a lot of sense.
  I know that here in the Univ. world it's common to use one IMP server to 
serve many different backends. I just don't know if it's common for the rest 
of the people using IMP.
  What do you think?

>I can see, why this might be useful, but I don't think that server.php is
>the right place.
>Sent mail folders are stored in the identities and thus it only makes sense
>to distinguish between servers from a server list if this preference is 
>The best way to handle this would be to add a hook for sent mail folders
>like we have them now for full names and from addresses. Perhaps it makes
>sense to add a hook for all preferences that are stored in the identities.
>Any opinions anyone on this?
>Anyway, it should be easy for you to add such a sent mail hook if you look
>at config/conf.php how we defined the other hooks and at
>lib/Identity/IMP.php how we tie them into the identities. If you feel like
>this would be useful for anyone else, submit a patch and we can put it on
>the tree if it follows our coding standards.

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