[imp] Save sent mail "error" in HEAD

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Thu, 30 May 2002 14:07:17 +0200

Zitat von Erik Slooff <erik@slooff.com>:

> HI,
> I have HEAD (Horde: 3.0-cvs IMP: 4.0-cvs Turba: 2.0-cvs) running and get
> the 
> following message which might confuse users. If for an identity the value
> for "Sent mail folder" is left to "None" but the option "Save sent mail"
> is 
> checked you get the following message after sending a mail message:
> The folder "" was not created. This is what the server said: Cannot
> create this 
> folder.
> Maybe a good idea to prevent users setting "Sent mail folder" to "None" 
> when "Save sent mail" is active?

Do you have the folder list enabled or disabled for the sent mail folder in
the compose screen?


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