[imp] Invalid "To:" field problem

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Thu, 30 May 2002 13:59:20 +0200

Zitat von Todd Aiken <taiken@ubishops.ca>:

> Had a user today complain that immediately after logging into IMP, he 
> would get a "This page cannot be displayed" message from his web 
> browser.  Traced it down to a SPAM mesage in his INBOX with the 
> following invalid "To:" field:
> To: "@cs.com" <@cs.com>
> Our IMAP server is able to handle this message, as I was able to move 
> it to my INBOX and view it via my IMAP connection in Pegasus Mail, 
> but IMP doesn't like it.  If I add something to the beginning of the 
> domain name before the @ sign, such as <test@cs.com>, IMP then 
> accepts it.  
> Using latest RELENG CVS versions of Horde and IMP, PHP 4.1.2, 
> Apache 1.3.23, IMAP c-Client version 2001.

I just increased the c-client's silence level in cvs HEAD. Any chance that
you can try out if that helps?


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