[imp] GNUPG & IMP & Addressbook

Ema Nymton e_nymton@hotmail.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 14:42:46 +0200

Hi lists,

I suppose what I want is a little bit crazy, but well, why not. Hum, ok, I
want to store in a public addressbook (i.e. in a LDAP tree) the public keys
associated with contacts in the public (shared) Turba addressbook.

Ok, for this I suppose I have to modify the horde.schema ... but before
doing this, I have to configure IMP to use gpg. Well, I edited
horde/config/horde.php and I added :

$conf['gnupg']['params'] = array();
$conf['gnupg']['params'] = array('program' => '/usr/bin/gpg');

And that did not work ... well at this time it is not a problem, I modified
horde/lib/Crypt/pgp.php to change

$this->gnupg = $params['program']...
in something like
$this->gnupg = '/usr/bin/gpg'...

I use gpg 1.0.6 so it should be good.

Well now, I can create keys for users, and I can send public keys from one
user to another, that is great. Yes, here is a feature that could be added :
it is not possible to "Click to Save PGP Public Key in your Addressbook"
when user is not in addressbook. That is not important here.

Well, now supposing I have 2 users, having shared their public keys, when I
try to send a mail from one to other, the "PGP Sign Message" and "PGP
Sign/Encrypt Message"  features return :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getpgppacketinformation() in
/var/www/horde/imp/compose.php on line 723

and the "Encrypt Message" feature returns :

PGP Error: More than 1 entry returned.

Any idea ?