Please re-instate 'protocol' => 'imap' (was Re: [imp] IMP RC-3 login problem)

Jan Schneider
Fri, 31 May 2002 21:29:39 +0200

Zitat von Steve Lidie <>:

> When RC3 of the above modules arrived, I carefully diffed the
> distributions,
>   and
> noted that servers.php now said use protocol => imp/notls.  (I have no
> idea
> what notls is.)  I was unable to login.  I scoured all the logs I could
> find
> but turned up no useful information, and asked for help here:

> So, what specifics can I provide, other than:
> apache-1.3.22-2
> php-4.2.0
> horde-2.1-RC3
> imp-3.1-RC3
> pear-4.1.0
> turba-1.1-RC3
> imap-2000c-15
> impad-2001.309 (UW)

I just checked the sources of the 2000c c-client and indeed the notls
protocol was introduced after that version. I'll add a comment on that to
the configuration files where this protocol is specified.


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