[imp] Problem in IMP.php (cvs 2 days ago)

Dan Wilson dwilson@acucore.com
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 07:28:51 -0600

Since updating from CVS two days ago, my mailbox would show up empty although 
I knew there were emails in there.  Going to the folder navigation view, I 
could see emails in there, but they just wouldn't list in the mailbox view.

I tracked this down to the following line of code.  I have no clue what the 
code does, but I commented it out and now everything works:

Line 221 of imp/lib/IMP.php
// $flags |= OP_SILENT;

This is related to an earlier message that I found in the archives (I just 
subscribed) -- Re: "[imp] what's new in IMP.php? Empty MailBoxes".

Just an FYI.