[imp] Setting up IMP

Rodolfo Segleau segleaur@mechanus.org
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 20:47:16 -0500

Quoting Kevin Everts <evertsk@myrealbox.com>:

> I'm interested in setting up a mailserver and I was hoping I could get some
> suggestions on what to use.  Here is what I want to do:
> -Collect email from my domain name
> -Fetch email from other pop3 servers
> -Sort my email in separate folders based on content
> -Web access
> -IMAP access
> What are your suggestions for the packages that I should use?  I'm running
> RedHat 7.3.
> Thanks!

You need to do a bit of reading but this is what I suggest:

First, read the FAQ at http://faq.horde.org

then, read the following:

Software you need:

Apache (perferably not Apache2 - something like 1.3.24)
PHP (at least download PHP 4.2.0 - that way you don't have to upgrade PEAR 
IMAP Daemon (you can choose Cyrus, Courier or UW-IMAP - they all have their 
drawbacks, but there's a lot of support for UW-IMAP)
Database server (I would suggest MySQL - just my personal preference)

The why of the software: 
- You need Apache (or something similar) to serve up webpages
- IMAP Daemon - obviously you need this to access mail via IMAPrev4
- Database server - you need this if you want to have a preference backend for 
your users

Make sure to read the READMEs or the INSTALLs for each of the software 
packages. If you have questions about Apache - go to http://www.apache.org and 
look for the Archives of the Mailing Lists (they're also hosted on MARC if you 
look around). If you have questions on installing PHP - go to 
http://www.php.net and lookup thier mailing lists. They have separate mailing 
lists for installing and general use. 

The "fetching" feature looks quite new in the Horde Framework (I haven't tested 
it yet) but it should work. As far as filtering based on content, IMP offers 
the ability to create filters based on To:, From:, CC:, Body and Subject. You 
can create the filters you need based on whatever criterion you can place in 
those fields.