[imp] Folder refresh problem

David Coulson david@davidcoulson.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 11:29:44 +0100


	I finally managed to get IMP to handle my folders properly, but I now 
have an issue with the 'folders' section - If I setup some folders, and 
then delete a lower-level one (e.g. create test.blah), then delete them 
both together, it deletes 'test.blah', and fails on deleting 'test'.

However, once folders.php refreshes, 'Test' and 'Blah' still exist in 
the view - They don't exist in the drop-down menu on the top-right, so 
I'm assuming that the mailbox list is being cached somewhere within IMP, 
since nothing else can see either the 'Test' or 'Blah' folders. Is there 
a work-around for this, bearing in mind that if you log-out, then log 
back in again, you get the correct folder list?


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