[imp] Folder refresh problem

David Coulson david@davidcoulson.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:41:00 +0100

Jan Schneider wrote:
> Click on the refresh icon in the folder view.

I think I must be missing that icon - No where to be found.

> The folder tree is cached indeed but should be rebuilt if a folder has been
> deleted. But there may be a certain case where this fails. It'd be great if
> you could find out, when this actually happens and if there are any error
> messages (inside IMP or in an external log file).

Well, I can reproduce it without fail.

1) Create 'Something.Mbox', where 'Something' is not a real folder.
2) Delete both Something and Something.Mbox
3) It complains about not being able to delete Something (which is 
correct, since it doesn't exist), and then say it deleted 
'Something.Mbox'. Good so far
4) The page still has both Something and Something.Mbox on it, neither 
of which actually do anything since they don't exist anymore.

Seems like when there is an error, it's not refreshed properly. I can do 
some debugging later and figure out what exactly isn't happening.


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