[imp] Pear 4.1.0 available at http://www.horde.org/pear/ does not work with Oracle

Miguel Ward mward@aluar.com.ar
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:59:10 -0300


Whilst trying to get imp 3.1 to work with Oracle 8 I found a small problem
with your pear distribution 4.1.0 which is presently available at

This version has rather old .php drivers for Oracle (oci8.php) (when compared to
the ones distributed in php 4.2.1!) and does not work correctly (for example
Options are saved in Oracle but never read on next login).

I 'fixed' it by following your instructions and then copying the original 4.2.1
php/pear files on top of your distribution.

For example:

cd /usr/local/src/pear-4.1.0
cp -R * /usr/local/lib/php

cd /usr/local/src/php-4.2.1/pear
cp -R * /usr/local/lib/php

This of course seems ridiculous but is not since php-4.2.1 is not complete (it
is missing many modules including Log) and thus does not overwrite php modules
only available in imp's pear distribution.

This solved my Oracle problem and everything else is working so far but would
prefer official comment on this.

Also: I can forward my Oracle script for creating tables and could include also
instructions on how to get imp 3.1 working on Suse 7.2 if there is any interest.
If so please let me know who to send to.


Miguel Ward
Aluar Argentina