[imp] Maybe an addition to the FAQ?

Lars Nummedal lars@nummedal.net
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:46:07 +0200 (CEST)


I had some problems with respect to attachment size with IMP 3.1. I had to
change some parameters in /etc/php.ini to get attachments of a certain
size to work. I couldn't find the "key parameter" memory_limit in the IMP
FAQ, and thought my experiences might be interesting - or maybe it's
already common knowledge. I have the following settings in my /etc/php.ini
(PHP 4.2.1 on RedHat 7.2) for this test:

post_max_size           =       16M
file_uploads    	= 	On
max_execution_time	=	600
memory_limit 		= 	90M
upload_tmp_dir  	= 	/tmp  
upload_max_filesize     = 	16M

For some reason, I had to go all the way to 90M for the memory_limit 
before I was able to send an email with an attachment of exactly 8MB. 

I also tested what memory_limit had to be when sending a 1MB attachment.  
In that case, I had to set the memory_limit to 16M to get it to work.

Just FYI.

Lars Nummedal
Email:    lars@nummedal.net
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