[imp] Login problems with MD5 passwords?

James Whittington jwhittington at excelorant.com
Tue Jun 3 10:23:50 PDT 2003

I having problems logging in to some new accounts I created yesterday in
I currently run
t-2.5.6-0horde2. I use mysql and imap-2001a as well.

I created users in the horde database with the mysql statement:

horde_users(user_uid,user_pass)values('user3',md5('p at ssword'));

The users show up in the horde_users table with md5 values as I've done
before with success.

But now it appears I can only log on with previously created horde ID's
and passwords.

Does anyone have any suggested troubleshooting steps?
How can I verify that my MD5 hash is the same value as the password I'm
trying to use?

I suspect maybe I could have accidently updated something I shouldn't
have that's affecting the creation and use of the MD5 passwords.

Any suggestions would be greattly appreciated..

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