[imp] Re: FW: [Bug 1267] Changed - Address wrongly created in the Compose window

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Wed Jun 4 16:15:52 PDT 2003

Please either mail a mailing list, or update bugs through the web interface.

Quoting "Internet Partners Inc. Support" <support at ipinc.net>:

> Oops, sorry I didn't realize that IMP was stripping off the (identity
> name) from the To: field in the compose window when the mail was sent.
> This is rather confusing, I would recommend that in the compose
> window that you don't show the sender's e-mail address in the Identity
> drop-down, but instead have a separate line showing the From: address
> right under the Identity dropdown.

I'd take a patch for good behavior, but again, please see the explanation I
gave you.

> I did also find another bug though.  If you go into Options, Identities,
> and in the Your From: address field, enter:
> Sam Smith [sams at example.com]
> Then when IMP sends the mail, the message received shows
> Sam Smith [Sams at example.com]
> In short, the IMP program CAPITALIZES the FIRST LETTER of the e-mail
> address.  This is a problem!!!!!!  Under UNIX, there's a setting in
> Sendmail to make the username part of the e-mail address case
> sensitive!!!
> Sams is not the same as sams in this scenario!!!  While we don't have
> that set on our own mailserver, others might.

Whoa. _Chill out_. Don't yell, don't use 5 bajillion exclamation points...
and don't jump to conclusions. IMP does no such thing. In fact, it's
probably your very own sendmail config that does that. Go through IMP's
code all you want, you will not find anything that changes the case of any
part of any email address.


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
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