[imp] Problem with Attachs and other

Fernando Maior fernando at araujo.com.br
Thu Jun 5 07:46:35 PDT 2003

> Quoting Fernando Maior <fernando at araujo.com.br>:
>> receive the message "There was a problem with the file
>> upload. The file may have been larger than the maximum
>> allowed size (2 Mb)". And, I changed the maximum allowed
>> size to 15MB into the php.ini file (key upload_max_filesize
>> = 15M). I did not restarted Apache after the changing.
> You need to restart apache or it (php) won't reread the changed php.ini
> file.
>> 2) Sometimes, doing exactly the same as above, the files are
>> attached twice (there are two attachs instead of only one).
> Could be related to above, could be the same as the RedHat 8+ issue.
> Do you run apache 1.3 or apache 2.0 on the server?

Eric, thanks. Now, every duplicating is gone.
I am using Conectiva Linux 9 and Apache 2.0.44,
I just changed the Apache directive for AddType
as you told me, restart Apache and it is done.
Also, I enter the Apache doc site and, for
directive Limit

Fernando Maciel Souto Maior
fernando at araujo.com.br
+55+31 3270-5886

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