[imp] Disk quota issue

Grigorios G. Papazoglou grp at med.uoc.gr
Fri Jun 6 02:07:24 PDT 2003

Hello. I currently run IMP 3.1, and have an issue I would like to
illustrate. The problem is that, whereas I use UW-IMAP (which I think has no
quota support), I have disk quotas enabled in my /home filesystem. IMP
stores sent mail and trash in ~/mail/sent-mail and ~/mail/trash
respectively. The problem is that, when the quota limit is reached,
obviously the user cannot either have more messages stored in sent-mail, or
not even delete messages from sent-mail, since if a message is to be deleted
it would be stored in trash, which actually wouldn't free any space. Is
there a way to let them know in IMP that their quota is about to be reached?

Thank you

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