[imp] Disk quota issue

g.tranelli g.tranelli at inarcassa.it
Fri Jun 6 02:45:47 PDT 2003

I use an XFS filesystem and with it you can set in fstab the 
parameter "uqnoenforce" in conjuction with the tool "warnquota" that when it's 
configured send message to the user thar have reached the quota soft limit.
See the attachment for a better explanation.

Scrive "Grigorios G. Papazoglou" <grp at med.uoc.gr>:

> Hello. I currently run IMP 3.1, and have an issue I would like to
> illustrate. The problem is that, whereas I use UW-IMAP (which I think has no
> quota support), I have disk quotas enabled in my /home filesystem. IMP
> stores sent mail and trash in ~/mail/sent-mail and ~/mail/trash
> respectively. The problem is that, when the quota limit is reached,
> obviously the user cannot either have more messages stored in sent-mail, or
> not even delete messages from sent-mail, since if a message is to be deleted
> it would be stored in trash, which actually wouldn't free any space. Is
> there a way to let them know in IMP that their quota is about to be reached?
> Thank you
> Grigorios
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