[imp] Fwd: [horde] Horde and apps thoughts/suggestions/issues

Mark H. Degner mark at degner.org
Tue May 11 11:00:32 PDT 2004

Good morning, all.

Last Friday I sent an email to the Horde lists with a variety of thoughts or
issues I had experienced with various applications.  Chuck suggested I send it
to the application specific lists, so I am forwarding an excerpt of the email
with the bullets relevant to the IMP list.

I welcome any comments.

Thank you,

Mark Degner

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Good morning all,

I have been using various Horde apps from CVS HEAD for the past few weeks, and I
have been keeping track of any suggestions/issues/inconsistencies/bugs that I
have found (in Mnemo no less).  Since it doesn't do any good to keep it all to
myself, I am sending it out to the list for everyone to take a look at and
consider.  I do understand that several of these apps are still Alpha, but I
wanted to bring any issues to the attention of the developers in case they
weren't aware of them already.  And I apologize if some of these topics have
already been covered, have already been fixed, or are due to misconfiguration
on my part.

While I will try to implement some of these changes myself, my coding is rough,
so I doubt anyone would want to use it anyway.

Horde is a great project, and I thank the developers and contributors for doing
such hard and great work.  It has turned into something I use daily and

My notes follow below.


Mark Degner

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