[imp] Alpha configuration

Joshua Warchol jwarchol at dsl.net
Thu May 13 08:55:58 PDT 2004

Thanks for the quick reply Jan!

Using the ALPHA packages from horde's FTP server, I don't see a 
sources.php file anywhere. Should it be in IMP's config directory?

I suspect I'll have a few more little questions I work through each app. 
I appreciate the patience and responsiveness of this list :)

Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Joshua Warchol <jwarchol at dsl.net>:
>> I've been looking at the new ALPHA release and they are VERY exciting!
>> I've not been able to keep up on the CVS changes... so it's all new to 
>> me.
>> I enjoy the new ability to configure the apps right in the interface. Is
>> there somewhere I can go to find out which options can and cannot be set
>> there? I've noticed a few settings in IMP that I can't find in the web
>> configuration, such as quota hooks.
> Nothing that I know of has been dropped, so chances are that things you are
> missing have been moved elsewhere. For the case of quota hooks, they are
> now driver based and defined in config/sources.php.
> Some other features may have been moved to horde/config/hooks.php.

Joshua Warchol
UNIX Systems Administrator
DSL.net, Inc.

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