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Thomas O'Brien thomas at creativebusinessystems.com
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In the future please post to the list so other who have more
experience/knowledge than I can assist you as well.

I'm not familiar with your authentication method. Check the other hooks in
hooks.php. I authenticate against IMAP, so with multiple domains the
username is required to be the full e-mail address.

Good luck.


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Zitat von Thomas O'Brien <thomas at creativebusinessystems.com>:

Hi Thomas,

> Set $conf['hooks']['vinfo'] = true; in /horde/imp/config/conf.php. 
> Then edit the sample _imp_hook_vinfo example section in 
> /horde/config/hooks.php to look something like this:
> [vinfo]

well, this actually would work for me, if I had somehow usernames like
user1 at domain1, user2 at domain2 ... but in fact, my usernames are just like
user1, user2, ... the domains are only stored in the DB (the users are
authenticated via the PAM mySQL-module). 

So when a user1 tries to log in, his username gets "rewritten" to
user1 at domain1 and the authentication fails, because there is no such
username (of course).

So I would somehow have to check in the authentication, if the username
to the vdomain given ...

Any other idea about that?
Thanks alot so far!


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