[imp] Hack concept - IMAP speedup

Chris Bellomy chris at goodshow.net
Wed Sep 8 16:34:21 PDT 2004

Previously, Ross Becker wrote:
: Just throwing this out, I'm really not certain as to which organizations 
: I should be talking to about this, but Horde/IMP seems as good as any.
: Currently, free IMAP servers which are capable of webmail backend is bad 
: for any organization which can allow large folders. The primary reason 
: is that maildir (and maildir++) has no indexing at all. This means that 
: to sort a folder, you have to open every message, read the headers, suck 
: out the one(s) you need, and transform them into sortable format.  Once 
: you've read every message, then you can sort.  This leads to woeful 
: performance.  On a Pentium 4 with 800mhz memory bus, I clocked 
: Courier-IMAP taking ~14 seconds to sort a 12.5k message folder by date.
: Clearly, for a webmail system, you want the server to be able to sort 
: the messages fast, because all sorts will happen on the server.


Have you looked at Cyrus IMAP?


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